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Warehouse Forklifts for Sale (1,722)

Enhance your warehouse productivity with our diverse range of warehouse forklifts for sale. We offer a wide selection of electric and propane-powered forklifts from reputable manufacturers like Toyota, Hyster, Doosan and more.

For our full list of used warehouse forklifts, view the items below. For more information about warehouse forklifts, visit our resource section.



FAQs About Warehouse Forklifts

United Rentals' inventory of warehouse forklifts for sale includes small electric sit-down counterbalance forklifts and walkie stackers, such as Yale and Crown models, for comfortable use in tight areas. These used lift trucks are great for stock picking or moving up to 1,000 pounds. Used medium-duty warehouse forklifts, such as Toyota, Doosan, Yale and Crown’s larger models, are great for moving larger loads.

Medium-duty lift trucks are the best option for warehouses with tight spaces because you can drive them up and down rows of shelves without any issues. There are many of these models of lift trucks for sale, but a great option is a Yale walkie stacker, which will last for thousands of hours. A used walkie stacker is an excellent option if you need to move small pallets around the warehouse but want to save money on brand new equipment.

Learn more about our warehouse forklifts in our FAQs section below.

How much does a warehouse forklift weigh?

These types of forklifts weigh around 6,000 pounds. Usually, the weight of a forklift is not the best factor to judge which model will be best for your business. The more important considerations are how much it can lift, what direction it can travel in, and how long it will last.

How do you drive a warehouse forklift?

In most cases, a forklift operator must have a special certification. After you obtain your forklift certification, the next step is to be familiar with the controls of your forklift. Controls vary from model to model; check the manufacturer's specifications for controls, safety information and operating tips. Learn how to operate a counterbalance forklift at United Academy.

Will I need a license to operate a lift truck?

Some warehouse forklifts for sale may require a license to operate. We recommend checking with your state and employer before operating a warehouse forklift. Forklifts involve risks of tipping over and crushing or pinching injuries. We offer forklift operator training at United Academy.