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United Rentals carries a wide variety of concrete grinders and planers for sale. Concrete grinders, also known as concrete planers, smooth the surface of your concrete and can remove a variety of materials such as paint, epoxy, stain and more. You can also use concrete grinders to polish the surface of the concrete, making it look brand-new. United Rentals has equipment experts that have maintained and inspected all concrete grinders and planers before selling to give you the best quality possible. For tips on how to use a concrete grinder effectively and safely, see our article How to Grind Concrete Using a Concrete Grinder. If you are looking for used concrete grinders for sale, then browse our inventory below. 

FAQs About Concrete Grinders & Planers for Sale 

What is concrete grinding? 

  • Concrete grinding is the removal of epoxy, paint, stain and other coatings from concrete for a smooth finish. With a rotating abrasive attachment, concrete grinders level off your slab with each pass of the machine.  

What should I use to grind concrete? 

  • Depending on the size of the project, you can choose between walk-behind grinders for large slabs or hand-held grinders for smaller cracks and crevasses. When grinding topical concrete, use silicon carbonite grinding wheels, and for general grinding purposes, use diamond wheels. The most important factor is achieving complete surface contact with the grinding wheels for seamless, smooth concrete.  

How can I reduce dust when grinding concrete? 

  • To reduce the amount of dust kicked up when grinding concrete, cover all entrances with plastic and have a vacuum handy to prevent debris from going airborne. Spraying the floor lightly with water can also reduce dust particles when grinding.