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Fuel & Water Tank Trailers for Sale (5)

United Rentals offers an extensive selection of well-maintained fuel and water tank trailers for sale, a reliable solution for transporting and storing fuel or water efficiently. These trailers are well-suited for construction and agricultural applications.

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FAQs About Fuel & Water Tank Trailers

Whether you need a reliable solution to transport fuel or deliver water, United Rentals’ range of fuel and water tank trailers are sure to suit your needs. Commonly referred to as fuel tankers and water buffalos, our trailers are tailored for various applications, including onsite fuel or water storage. Purchase from United Rentals with peace of mind knowing you’re receiving equipment that is well-maintained and expertly serviced.

Learn more about fuel and water tank trailers in our FAQ section below.

What types of liquids can I transport with the fuel tanker and water trailers offered by United Rentals?

Our 7,000-gallon fuel tanker trailers are designated MC 307/DOT 407, making them suitable for safely transporting finished, intermediate and waste products within regulatory standards. Meanwhile, our water tank trailers are designed for carrying clean water, ideal for construction sites or agricultural use, ensuring efficient and compliant transport for all non-hazardous liquid needs.

How do safety features on your trailers ensure the secure transport of liquids?

Our fuel and water trailers are equipped with features meant to enhance safety and stability during transport. Fuel tankers include standard-spaced roll-off rails to prevent accidents during loading and unloading. Some trailers may also feature tandem axles for improved weight distribution and stability on the road. United Rentals' commitment to safety includes regular maintenance prior to purchase to ensure the highest standards are met.