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Welders for Sale (789)

United Rentals has the best selection of welders for sale in the business. We carry welders from some of the top manufacturers like Lincoln Electric, Miller and Multiquip. Our inventory is always changing, so check back often to see what’s listed near you. You can find everything from small portable welders for light-duty work to large welders for heavy-duty fabrication. Our selection includes both AC/DC and MIG welding machines, rack welders and other portable welders. Whether you need something small or large, United Rentals has the welder you need. Request information on any of the welders for sale below.

FAQs About Welders for Sale

What tools do welders use?

  • Welders use several different tools, depending on the welding process they are using. MIG welders typically use a wire brush to clean the weld area, a chipping hammer to remove slag and a grinder to adjust the weld bead. TIG welders may use a wire brush, but they also use a torch to heat the weld area.

What gas do welders use?

  • MIG welders use an inert gas like argon to shield the weld from the atmosphere. This produces a weld with a smooth, shiny appearance. TIG welders use a non-consumable tungsten electrode to weld the weld area. This produces a weld with a very clean appearance and is often used for welding aluminum. GMAW welders use a consumable electrode to weld the weld area. This produces a weld that is less clean than TIG welding, but it is faster and easier to learn.

What are spot welders used for?

  • Spot welders are used to weld two pieces of metal together. They are typically used in sheet metal fabrication where they are used to weld panels and other pieces of metal together. Spot welders use a few different welding processes, including resistance welding and arc welding.