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Power Distribution Equipment for Sale (5)

United Rentals offers an exceptional selection of top-tier power distribution equipment for sale. Our inventory caters to various needs, ensuring smooth and efficient electricity management for your operations. With models engineered to support emergency power needs and enhance existing systems in commercial or industrial settings, we're confident that our offerings will exceed your expectations.

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FAQs About Power Distribution Equipment

United Rentals has used electric power transmission and distribution equipment for sale for use in many different applications. Our lineup of power distribution equipment for sale includes cable feeder panels and distribution panels, transfer switches and cables. We offer equipment from industry-leading manufacturers like Hipower Systems, ESL Power Systems and Trystar. Our power transmission equipment supplies and supports power flow in large industrial and construction environments, making it ideal for factories, warehouses or other comparable worksites. United Rentals is standing by with the power distribution equipment you need to meet your jobsite’s demands.

Learn more about our power distribution equipment in our FAQ section below.

What is power distribution equipment?

Power distribution equipment is any equipment that is used to transmit electrical power, including cables, breaker panels, transfer switches and more.

Does power distribution equipment require maintenance?

Yes, it is essential to regularly maintain your power distribution equipment to avoid having to make costly emergency repairs. The most straightforward way to keep your equipment in good shape is to keep it clean. Contaminants like liquid, dust and dirt can easily jeopardize an electrical system. Before cleaning your equipment, always make sure it is completely powered off. We recommend double-checking your equipment with a voltmeter to ensure the equipment is powered down and safe to handle.

How do you hook up a portable generator to an electrical panel?

To connect a portable generator and electrical panel, you should ensure that a transfer switch has been installed. The transfer switch should be connected to your home or work structure’s electrical system, acting as the “bridge” between it and a generator. Plug one end of the power cord into the transfer switch and the other into the generator. Turn on the generator to produce power for the structure.