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Water Trucks for Sale (36)

United Rentals offers a range of water trucks, popular with construction companies, landscapers and municipalities. Our fleet includes models from renowned manufacturers like Freightliner and International. Discover the reliability and performance of our water trucks, available for sale below.

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FAQs About Water Trucks

Buying the right equipment is crucial, and our selection of water trucks is designed to provide a dependable solution for transporting and distributing water for large sites or projects. Versatile in size and specifications, our water trucks for sale can meet the demands of any task, from dust control at construction sites to irrigation for landscapers. We've got the right water truck for your project, whether you need a CDL, or commercial drivers license, a 2,000 or 4,000-gallon capacity and diesel or gas engines. Also known as water tankers or water wagons, these vehicles are essential for efficient water management. At United Rentals, you'll find a selection maintained to the highest standards, ensuring performance and sustainability that our customers can count on.

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What are the benefits of using a water truck for my project?

Water trucks are incredibly valuable for a variety of applications, such as construction site dust suppression, landscape irrigation and providing water to remote areas. Our inventory of trucks feature powerful engines and a variety of water spray systems, nozzles and hoses. By utilizing one of our water trucks for sale, you're ensuring that your project stays on schedule.

Can I find both CDL and non-CDL water trucks for sale at United Rentals?

Yes, United Rentals’ inventory includes water trucks that require a CDL, or commercial driver's license, as well as non-CDL options. Whether it's a larger 4,000-gallon CDL-required truck for more extensive operations or a convenient 2,000-gallon non-CDL model for simpler tasks, our team of experts can help you choose the right truck according to your project requirements and driving qualifications.