Cranes for Sale (88)

Browse our wide range of cranes for sale at United Rentals. These cranes include gantry cranes, carry deck cranes, crane trucks and others. Find out more about these cranes below, and check out the available inventory of used cranes for sale. Gantry cranes have a long beam extending from the base to the top of the crane, which allows heavy objects to be suspended at different heights. Because there are no outriggers on gantry cranes, they are limited to indoor use only. This also means you can access tight spaces with this crane type. These cranes are known for their portability and ease of assembly. With the ability to assemble the cranes in just a few hours, these cranes are perfect for traveling across shops or worksites.

Carry deck cranes allow large equipment such as generators and cranes to be moved from one location to another by being cradled on a deck. The cranes have a smooth deck and can lift heavy equipment with ease. A winch is used to move the cranes into position and then raise it up off of the truck bed as needed.

Crane trucks are cranes mounted onto the bed of trucks. The crane trucks for sale at United Rentals are ideal for jobs requiring lifting large loads or moving the cranes to different job locations. These cranes are often seen on worksites where construction workers use crane trucks to lift large pieces of equipment at heights of 40 feet and more.

FAQs About Cranes for Sale

How are cranes transported?

  • Cranes can be transported to the construction site or other worksite by flatbed truck or trailer. See manufacturer recommendations for how to safely transport as guidelines may vary depending on the size and weight of the crane.

How do cranes work?

  • Cranes are made up of a hoist, boom, counterweight, turntable and outriggers. An electric motor in the cab powers the crane. The cab is where the operator controls the crane's main drive winch. Indicators in the cab tell you how many feet of wire rope are left on both sides of the crane's main hoist. Additional crane parts include a turntable for cranes with rotating cranes, cradles and outriggers for gantry cranes.

How much does a crane weigh?

  • Cranes weigh as little as 10,000 pounds up to more than 100,000 pounds. Gantry cranes and carry deck cranes can be assembled and disassembled into pieces that can fit into a single tractor-trailer for easy transport and long hauls.