Street Saws & Blades for Sale (53)

United Rentals carries a substantial selection of used concrete saws for sale, ideal for cutting concrete, masonry, brick, asphalt and other similar solid materials. Also known as street saws or road saws, we carry concrete saws for sale from reliable manufacturers like Husqvarna. Many of our used concrete saws are equipped with helpful features like cutting depth indicators, protective cages and lift bails. Additionally, all of our concrete road saws are serviced and maintained by our expert technicians to ensure they are running smoothly and reliably. On top of that, we offer our patented United Guard Warranty on many of our used machinery so you can breathe easy with your purchase. 

FAQs About Street Saws for Sale 

How do I use a concrete saw? 

  • Once you’ve acquired the appropriate saw, blade and safety equipment, it’s time to mark your cuts. It’s best to use a piece of chalk or crayon to clearly mark your cutting lines. You’ll want to use a guide board and maintain a firm, two-handed grip on the saw as you move it along your chalk line and guide the blade through the material. Let the saw do the work; don’t force it as this could cause the blade to overheat. For a more detailed guide on safely and efficiently operating concrete saws, check out our how-to article on the United Rentals Project Uptime blog. 

What is the difference between wet and a dry cutting? 

  • Wet cutting keeps the blade cool and puts less stress on the blade. Wet cutting also eliminates dust concerns as the flow of water stops any dust from circulating into the air. Dry cutting is only done with specific blades that are built to handle heat without needing cooling. Dry cutting is best for straight cuts only and produces a lot of dust, so operators will need safety gear to prevent dust inhalation, which can be dangerous. Typically, wet cutting will be the best option if you need to make precise, curved cuts and do not want to deal with dust. For shorter projects where efficiency trumps precision, dry cutting will do. 

What materials can a concrete saw cut?  

  • Concrete street saws are excellent for cutting through concrete, masonry, brick, asphalt, tile and other solid materials.