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Dump Trucks for Sale (64)

At United Rentals, our vast selection of high-quality dump trucks for sale is available to meet all your project needs, from large-scale construction to smaller landscaping endeavors. Our fleet features trusted manufacturers like Caterpillar and Komatsu, ensuring you have access to reliable equipment that's ready to work for you.

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FAQs About Dump Trucks

Expanding your capabilities with the right dump truck is crucial to project success, and at United Rentals, we provide an extensive range to suit any requirement. Our dump trucks, also known as haul trucks or tipper trucks, come in various sizes and capacities, ideal for transporting loose material such as sand, gravel and demolition waste. When you choose a dump truck from United Rentals, you're investing in machinery that has undergone rigorous inspections and regular upkeep, efficiently supporting your site operations. This ensures you meet and exceed efficiency standards on your construction projects, roadway operations, mining tasks or landscape architecture.

Dive into our FAQ section to uncover more about our vehicles' features and how they align with your sustainability goals.

What should I consider when selecting a dump truck for my project?

Selecting the right dump truck for your project hinges on several key factors, including the size and weight of your materials, the conditions of the operating environment and the efficiency needs of your project. United Rentals offers expert guidance to ensure you get the perfect match for your needs.

How does United Rentals maintain its fleet of dump trucks?

Our fleet undergoes rigorous preventative maintenance and inspection routines performed by certified technicians. This ensures every dump truck you purchase operates at peak efficiency. Each unit has a well-documented service history for your peace of mind. With United Rentals, expect nothing less than reliable, work-ready equipment that aligns with your project's demands and sustainability commitments.

Can United Rentals provide dump trucks for environmentally sensitive projects?

United Rentals is committed to helping you meet your project's environmental objectives. We offer a variety of dump trucks that cater to emissions-sensitive zones, including units with enhanced fuel efficiency and reduced emissions output. Discuss your sustainability goals with our team, and we will find you an emissions-free solution or other options that contribute to your green initiatives while ensuring the productivity of your operations.