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Trench Safety & Shoring for Sale (7)

United Rentals offers an extensive collection of used trench safety and shoring equipment for sale. From slide rail systems to hydraulic shoring and aluminum trench boxes, we're confident you'll find the right solution for your project within our inventory.

For our full list of trench safety and shoring equipment for sale, view the items below. For more information about trench safety and shoring, visit our resource section.


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FAQs About Trench Safety & Shoring

Keep your crew safe with used trench safety and shoring equipment for sale from United Rentals. Trench safety and shoring equipment helps prevent soil from collapsing during excavation and is ideal for industries such as construction, oil and gas and more. Our equipment is meticulously maintained to meet the highest industry standards. With our offerings, you can confidently navigate your construction projects, knowing that your team's safety is our top priority. Additionally, to keep your owned equipment in prime working condition, check out our Customer Equipment Solutions to help safeguard your investment. Explore our range of used trench safety and shoring equipment today and take a step toward safer, more efficient operations with United Rentals.

Learn more about trench safety and shoring equipment in our FAQ section below.

Why should I use trench safety and shoring equipment?

The use of this equipment is crucial in maintaining a safe working environment. It helps avoid accidents and complies with occupational safety regulations, making it an essential part of any excavation or trenching project.

Can I buy used trench safety and shoring equipment from United Rentals?

Yes, we offer pre-owned trench safety and shoring equipment for sale. United Rentals offers comprehensive financing options with flexible terms, competitive rates and more. To qualify for financing, fill out our application form today.