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Hoists for Sale (244)

United Rentals carries a comprehensive selection of high-quality industrial hoists for sale, from electric to chain hoists, sourced from reputable manufacturers such as Harrington, JD Neuhaus and more. Whether you're seeking a solution for heavy-duty lifting or precision handling, our hoists offer robust performance, durability and efficiency.

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FAQs About Hoists

United Rentals offers a large selection of used hoists for sale, including chain hoists and engine hoists. Each type has unique benefits and availability depending upon your needs. Chain hoists are most commonly used for performing work in construction, manufacturing and industrial settings. Engine hoists are more popular in warehouses, manufacturing settings and around heavy equipment. Check out the large inventory of hoists available for sale above. For more information and to purchase any of these types of used hoists, fill out our request form, and a member of the United Rentals team will be in touch shortly.

Learn more about our hoists in our FAQ section below.

Where do you buy used chain hoists?

United Rentals offers chain hoist sales at local United Rentals branches nationwide. To purchase a chain hoist or find availability, please contact your local branch or filter by your location to see used hoists nearby.

How do I hang a chain hoist?

After purchasing a chain hoist, you must hang it from a sturdy brace, like a steel I-beam. The chain should be hanging as high as possible and clear of the working area.

What is the difference between a crane and a hoist?

A chain hoist is used for lifting and pulling, while a crane is typically the choice for lifting heavier loads. A chain hoist has a chain or wire rope that runs through a sheave to lift and pull items, whereas a crane uses steel cables.