Surface Preparation for Sale (277)

If you’re looking for surface preparation equipment for sale, United Rentals has a wide variety of concrete and metal surface preparation tools to choose from. From sweepers, polishers and scrubbers to pressure washers and sanders and strippers, United Rentals provides several surface prep tools to ensure you have what’s necessary to clean and prepare surfaces at your worksite. Our robust lineup of surface prep tools includes used equipment of all sizes and capabilities from reliable manufacturers like LayMor, Mi-T-M, Tennant and more. Plus, you can filter products by price, manufacturer and model year, so it’s easier than ever to find exactly what you need.

Quickly and easily pick up metal debris with one of our magnetic towable sweepers, or choose an industrial outdoor sweeper to clear larger construction sites. Looking for an easy way to strip away tile or other flooring materials? Check out our selection of compact strippers. Whatever you need, United Rentals is here to help you find the best surface preparation equipment for your specific project. For more information on our lineup of surface preparation tools, reach out to one of our used equipment sales experts.

FAQs About Surface Preparation Equipment for Sale

How do I prepare a surface for silicone caulk?

  • Depending on what project you’re working on, specific steps for surface preparation may vary. However, many steps are the same across various usages. First, it is important to thoroughly clean the surface. Pressure washers are a good option for effectively cleaning large exterior projects. Then, you will need to remove loose paint, old caulk and other leftover material by scraping and sanding the surface. For optimal caulking, you and your team will want to ensure the surface is completely clean and smooth.

What is surface preparation?

  • Surface preparation — sometimes known as surface prep — is the process of thoroughly cleaning, stripping and smoothing a surface before painting, coating or any other steps are taken. Depending on the surface material and exposure, you and your crew will choose from several surface preparation methods such as acid etching, sandblasting, high pressure water blasting and more.

How do I prepare a surface for tiling?

  • To prepare a surface for tiling, you will first need to remove any loose plaster, wallpaper, screws, hooks or other fittings from the surface. Then, fill any large holes and/or cracks and ensure the surface is level. Finally, use a vacuum to remove any additional dust or debris and wipe the surface clean.