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Utility Trucks for Sale (8)

Browse our selection of utility trucks, commonly used for a variety of utility work needs, like electrical line maintenance and construction tasks. Our inventory includes leading manufacturers, like Altec and Versalift, ensuring quality and reliability.

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FAQs About Utility Trucks

Utility trucks are indispensable to a variety of projects, ranging from telecommunications to electrical infrastructure. Our inventory features a selection of utility trucks with different sizes and specifications to match your project requirements. We carry bucket trucks, a type of utility truck used to lift workers or materials for a range of utility work, like building maintenance and road repair. We also offer digger derricks, used to excavate holes into dirt or rock, commonly used in forestry, construction and telecommunications industries. Our utility trucks for sale have been expertly maintained, guaranteeing performance and sustainability for your most demanding projects.

To discover how our utility trucks can enhance your operations, please visit the FAQ section below.

What should I consider when selecting a utility truck for my project?

When choosing your ideal utility truck, consider factors such as the vehicle's height and weight capacity, the type of work it's needed for, outreach potential and maneuverability. It's also important to pick a truck that not only meets the demands of your specific project but also adheres to safety standards. For more help, contact one of our equipment experts.

How does United Rentals ensure the quality of its utility trucks for sale?

In our commitment to excellence, each utility truck undergoes rigorous maintenance by our team of experts. We conduct detailed inspections and service checks to ensure that you're buying equipment that’s up to United Rentals’ sustainability and reliability promises and standards.

Can I find utility trucks suitable for urban environments?

Yes, our selection of trucks includes compact models designed for use in places where space is limited and maneuverability is crucial, like urban settings. These units are designed to operate efficiently in tight spaces without compromising on the power and functionality needed for urban utility work.