Wheel Loaders for Sale (155)

United Rentals’ selection of wheel loaders is ready and available to you for purchase. Choose from brands offering high-quality options such as Chase, Komatsu and John Deere for your work needs. Wheel loaders, like track loaders, are great for digging, transporting material, clearing, grading and dumping. However, unlike track loaders, which are intended for rougher terrain and uneven surfaces, wheel loaders are made for finished, even surfaces such as concrete, pavement or landscaped grounds. Enjoy the nimble movement and small size of our wheel loaders while experiencing the efficiency of larger machinery. Select loaders from an assortment of price points and operational weights with a variety of features to suit your site-specific requirements. With several purchase options including low-interest financing, we offer optimal products at optimal convenience. Simply submit a request form and a United Rentals specialist will be in touch.

FAQs About Wheel Loaders for Sale

What is a front end loader?

  • A front end loader and wheel loader are effectively the same item. The former title is a more widely used industry-specific name for this piece of equipment. Front end loaders perform the same functions as wheel loaders: digging, transporting material, clearing, grading and dumping. The primary difference to look for when searching for a loader is whether or not it has wheels or tracks as each is made for a different purpose.

How do you operate a front end loader?

  • Front end loaders are operated using several different controls on the panel to dictate the functionality of the features and the overall direction of the machine. Considering the varied purposes, potential uses and safety considerations of front end loader use, we recommend training through our in-house platform, United Academy. Here, you’re able to become a proficient operator by taking the Front End Loader Operator Certification course. The course is available in both Spanish and English and can be taken virtually.

How much can a front end loader lift?

  • Similar to what you find with other pieces of equipment, front end loaders operate at varying rates of speed and power. Similarly, their lifting capacity is dependent upon the make and model. To ensure safety, it’s best to consult with a United Rentals specialist if you’re unsure of the capacity of a front end loader.