Filtration & Specialty Media for Sale (12)

When you need an affordable filtration system for your facility or industrial plant, it's time to call United Rentals. We carry filtration equipment for sale for all applications, including filtration of liquids and vapors (including filtration equipment for water treatment). If you're looking to buy filtration equipment for sale, United Rentals can help. We carry filtration systems and liquid filtration equipment from RB Mosher, PureAire and more filtration manufacturers. We carry filtration equipment for many industrial uses, including filtration of liquids and gases, separating floating pollutants or filtering suspended or dissolved solids.

FAQs About Filters for Sale

How do fluid filtration systems work?

  • The fluid management equipment we carry at United Rentals comes with different fluid filtration systems, including bag filter systems and carbon filter technology. Most fluid filtration systems are installed above ground to take advantage of gravity while fluid is being evacuated. Some filtration systems are also designed to be self-draining.

How do filtration bags work?

  • Filtration bags filter out pollutants using filtration media of various weights and densities, including carbon or paper filtration media. Filtration bags work by trapping the solid particles in the filtration media while allowing fluid or gas to pass through.

What is a carbon filtration system?

  • Carbon filtration media traps gases, vapors, pollutants and odors. Carbon filtration media has millions of tiny pores that trap polluted particles inside the carbon filtration media while allowing clean air to pass freely through it. A filtration cartridge is placed inside a filtration vessel, which is then connected to the filtrate line using a series of valves. Once the vessel reaches sufficient vacuum pressure, filtrate fluid begins to pass through the filtration cartridge and into the filtrate line.

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