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Misc. Material Handling for Sale (127)

United Rentals offers a large selection of used material handling equipment for sale, including air tuggers, cable pullers, bottle jacks and pallet jacks. Choose from top brand names like San-ei Seiki, Superwinch, Skyjack, Columbia and others. In addition, United Rentals offers a selection of used lift attachments for sale, including forklift forks and pallet forks. Prior to selling used material handling equipment, our technicians completely inspect each piece of used equipment, ensuring optimum operational performance and years of service ahead. When you need a specific piece of used material handling equipment for sale, call our team today.

FAQs About Material Handling Equipment for Sale

What is a cable puller?

  • A cable puller is used to lift heavy objects by pulling a steel or synthetic rope through a sheave. The shaft can be sped up or stopped at the desired height with a toggle switch. A large drum holds the winch line, which is attached to the load being lifted.

Why buy an air winch?

  • If your business requires moving, lifting or maneuvering large objects on a daily basis, used air tuggers are an affordable alternative to buying new ones. Industrial air winches are ideal for large-scale projects because they are durable, safe to use and easy to operate. The major benefit of using an industrial tugger is that it can pull thousands of pounds with little power.

What features should I look for when buying air tuggers?

  • When shopping around for used winches, it's important to look for the following features. Look for an adjustable clutch that allows you control over the speed at which the line is pulled out. This will improve safety and productivity. You will want a strong drum that holds the winching line. The weight of steel used to construct the drum should be considered when choosing a tugger so that you do not have any issues with transporting or handling it.