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Fences for Sale (5)

Consider United Rentals' selection of used temporary fences for sale when you require a reliable, cost-effective solution for your construction site or outdoor event. Browse our temporary fences today to find the perfect fit for your project.

For our full list of temporary fences for sale, view the items below. For more information about temporary fences, visit our resource section.


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FAQs About Temporary Fence

When you need to add safety measures to your event or jobsite, look no further than the temporary fence panels for sale from United Rentals. Temporary fences are a great way to protect materials, equipment and crew by preventing unauthorized entry into your construction site. Or use fence panels to divide your site into different sections so that visitors like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) or other government regulators are protected from more hazardous areas. Temporary fences are also an excellent deterrent against would-be criminals who seek to destroy equipment or steal construction materials. You also protect yourself from paying damages if a trespasser gets injured. Additionally, our security fence panels for sale can be used for events like concerts, races and other sporting events, government events and movie sets. Check out the listings above for used fence panel options.

Learn more about temporary fences in our FAQ section below.

How much does temporary fencing cost?

The national average to install 60 linear feet of temporary fence tends to be less than $500. Contact your United Rentals Reliable Onsite Services branch today for more information.

Do you need a permit for temporary fencing?

Most construction sites are required by city or county ordinances to construct a barrier between the site and the public. OSHA requires fencing on-site to prevent or limit access to hazardous areas (like high-voltage areas or areas with fall risks). Check your local ordinances for more information.

What is hoarding in construction, and what is its purpose?

Hoardings are wood or steel panels that are installed around a construction site to create a barrier between the site and the public. Creating this façade is perfect for maintaining local ambiance by hiding unsightly jobsites. Plus, it’s a great way to advertise your business or create visual appeal with graphics and other artwork.