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United Rentals carries an extensive range of cables for sale. Whether you're setting up a large-scale event or managing a construction site, our cables deliver reliable, efficient performance every time.

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FAQs About Cables

United Rentals offers a variety of power supply equipment, including used cables for sale. These cables have abundant capabilities, varying in length, amperage and voltage. Our heavy-duty extension cables come in “California style” or with male and female cable tails. Sure to cater to all your power supply needs, our power supply equipment ensures productivity and safety. Contact your nearest United Rentals branch for help determining which cables best suit your needs.

Learn more about our cables in our FAQ section below.

What cable type is used for underground power distribution?

Due to the nature of their use, underground power cables are often more expensive because they require higher durability. Underground cables have high-quality insulation around a copper or aluminum conductor.

Are power supply cords interchangeable?

No. Based on manufacturer build, power supply cords may have different configurations. No wire configurations are universal. Consult your nearest United Rentals branch for help deciding which power supply cord best fits your needs.

How do you find out which power supply cord you need?

The easiest way to determine your power supply configuration is to check the product itself; based on the input, build and connection, you can choose which power supply cord is needed. For help, contact your nearest United Rentals branch.

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