Portable Generators (LTG) for Sale (15)

Many people turn to portable generators for sale near me for power in the event of an emergency or to power tools and appliances. When you find yourself in this position, you’re not alone, but you are in luck. United Rentals offers a selection of used portable generators for sale. Choose from leading brands like Wanco, Wacker Neuson, Magnum Pro and several others. Portable generators are used to power an entire home or building, acting as an energy source to provide temporary power during a storm or natural disaster, and can also be used to power tools like saws and welders on construction sites. They come in various sizes depending on the wattage they produce; there are light-duty generators that produce less than 10kW (10,000 watts), medium-duty generators that produce 10kW-25kW (10,000-25,000 watts) and heavy-duty models that generate more than 25kW (25,001 watts). With a variety of options, you're sure to find a portable generator option to meet your needs. To learn more, submit a request form and a United Rentals team member will contact you with information.

FAQs About Portable Generators For Sale

How much is a portable generator?

  • The cost of a portable generator will vary depending upon the brand, type, size and capacity. Pricing can range from the low hundreds to the upper thousands. For more pricing information, feel free to refer to our Portable Generators for Sale page or reach out to a local United Rentals representative.

How big of a portable generator do I need?

  • Deciding on the right size portable generator for your needs depends on the amount of power you will need and how long you'll be using it. A smaller-sized portable generator can operate a few select appliances in an emergency situation or when there is a brief outage; larger units are capable of powering entire homes during longer outages due to storms or natural disasters. For more support in selecting a portable generator, take a look at this article on Portable Generator Sizes in Project Uptime.

Do portable generators need to be grounded?

  • Yes, portable generators must be grounded. This can be done with a grounding rod that is inserted into the earth and attached to the generator or by using an appropriate adapter plug. For more information on how to properly ground your portable generator, consult your owner's manual or reach out to a United Rentals specialist for assistance.
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