Carry Deck Cranes for Sale (50)

If you’re in need of a used carry deck crane for sale, look no further than United Rentals. We have the selection you need to accomplish daily material-handling tasks on your jobsite. Carry deck cranes allow large equipment such as generators or HVAC systems to be moved from one location to another by being cradled on a deck. The cranes have a smooth deck and can lift heavy equipment with ease. A winch is used to move the cranes into position and then raise it up off the truck bed as needed. Our high-quality offerings come from top brands, guaranteeing exemplary functionality and performance. With lift capacities of 1,000 pounds up to 50,000 pounds and price points to satisfy any budget, our carry deck crane models are available in a variety of sizes and feature configurations. Browse our collection to find your carry deck crane today.

FAQs About Carry Deck Cranes for Sale

What is a carry deck crane?

  • These cranes are smaller with a platform area built around the operating cab. They’re most ideal for carrying heavy loads that need to be moved in compact spaces.

How large is a carry deck crane?

  • Carry deck cranes range in size from 5,000 pounds up to 50,000 pounds. Ultimately, the make and model determine the overall size and capabilities of the crane.