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United Rentals is the top choice for used riding lawn mowers for sale. We carry a wide selection of used zero turn mowers for your commercial lawn care business. Commercial mowers are made to last. They can cover wide areas for up to 12 hours a day and are less likely to overheat or break down than common residential mowers. We understand the importance of keeping your overhead low which is why we offer used lawn riding mowers at competitive prices. And, with dependable brands like John Deere, Toro and Husqvarna, you can be sure you’re buying equipment that will last for years to come. United Rentals is standing by to support your commercial mower needs. See listings below for more information. 

FAQs About Lawn Mowers for Sale 

Are zero turn mowers good on hills? 

  • When it comes to hills in most lawns, zero turn mowers work well. However, like most riding mowers, there is a risk of tipping over when navigating steep slopes. It is recommended to use zero turn mowers on slopes less than 15 degrees and to keep your movements deliberate and steady while mowing. 

How many hours should a commercial mower last? 

  • Commercial mowers can last between 2,000 and 3,500 hours. To keep your mower in tip-top shape, be sure to perform routine maintenance and repairs as recommended by the manufacturer. 

How fast are zero turn mowers? 

  • While the average speed of most zero turn mowers is 8 mph, some mowers are capable of speeds of up to 15 mph. Check out our inventory of used John Deere riding mowers for sale for more information.