Earthmoving Equipment for Sale (3,615)

If you’re looking for used earthmoving equipment like backhoes for sale, you’ve come to the right place. We carry equipment of all sizes and capabilities to ensure we have the machinery you need for your worksite, including equipment from trusted manufacturers like Caterpillar, John Deere, Bobcat and more. In addition, our used equipment search system makes it easier than ever to find exactly what you need, with options to filter by equipment type, price, manufacturer, model year and even specifications like horsepower or operating weight.

United Rentals’ vast lineup of earthmoving equipment includes used skid steers, excavators, trench diggers and wheel loaders, to name a few, along with an extensive selection of attachments to ensure you have the tools you need. Our inventory includes several used backhoe models, all of which are excellent for applications where material transport, construction or landscaping is required. Look no further than our lineup of used excavators and mini-excavators for sale for projects with a heavy emphasis on digging. These efficient machines offer tremendous digging power and excellent mobility, making them superb for digging trenches, light demolition, lifting materials and, of course, excavation. These are just a couple of the many types of earthmoving equipment United Rentals has to offer, and we invite you to dive deeper into each category to find the perfect tool for your needs.

Whatever earthmoving equipment and attachments your company or crew may need, United Rentals is here to help. Please browse our complete selection below.

FAQs About Earthmoving Equipment for Sale

What is a backhoe?

  • A backhoe is a versatile type of earthmoving equipment with a digging bucket attached to a two-part articulating arm, all of which is mounted on a tractor or front loader. This handy piece of equipment can dig up materials with one side while the other is perfect for moving those materials around. You can also outfit these already adaptable machines with various attachments such as compactors, rippers, augers and more. Backhoes are excellent for many different applications, making them popular construction and earthmoving equipment.

What is a bulldozer?

  • A bulldozer is a tracked or wheeled tractor with a wide front-mounted blade designed for pushing and spreading materials such as dirt, sand, rubble and more for construction purposes. These powerful machines have various uses, such as rough grading, distributing materials, removing stumps and boulders, and leveling surfaces. A bulldozer's low center of gravity provides good maneuverability on rough terrain and uneven surfaces, especially the models outfitted with tracks.

Do skid steers have titles?

  • No, skid steers generally fall into the category of “non-titled” equipment, meaning that they do not have titles. For proof of ownership, an original invoice or bill of sale from when the current owner purchased the equipment is a valid option.