Walk-Behind Rollers for Sale (382)

United Rentals carries a robust selection of walk-behind rollers for sale from a variety of manufacturers, including BOMAG, Wacker Neuson, Multiquip and more. These asphalt and trencher rollers are perfect for compacting soil, gravel and asphalt. Walk-behind rollers are ideal for compacting in tight spaces and wide-open sites to create a smooth, even surface. Walk-behind roller compactors are a must-have for any construction or paving project. If you're looking for a walk-behind roller, United Rentals has a variety of options to choose from.

FAQs About Walk-behind Rollers for Sale

How does a roller compactor work?

  • A walk-behind roller compactor uses drums to apply pressure to the soil or asphalt surface. The vibration and weight help to compact the soil, creating a solid surface. Walk-behind rollers are commonly used for compacting soil, gravel and asphalt in narrow areas like trenches or in wide-open areas.

Is a roller a good compactor for soil?

  • A roller is an excellent compactor for soil. The drums on a walk-behind roller create pressure and vibration that help to compact the surface. This creates a solid surface that can be used for a variety of applications.

What is a roller compactor called?

  • A roller compactor is also known as a walk-behind roller, a trencher compactor, an asphalt roller or a soil roller. See the manufacturer details to see which type of soil is best for the roller to compact.