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Thatchers for Rent

Our lawn thatchers collection is perfect for those seeking professional-grade equipment without the hefty price tag. These machines efficiently remove thatch, allowing your lawn to breathe and absorb nutrients better.

For our full list of thatchers for rent, view the items below. For more information about thatchers, visit our resource section.

Blue and black BLUEBIRD Lawn Turf Rake Thatcher, 18 and 20 in.
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Lawn Turf Rake Thatcher, 18 and 20 in.

  • Brands available with 18" and 20" seeding widths
  • Fold-down handle for easy transport
  • 3-position handle for operator comfort
  • Use for thatching manicured lawns, or planting grass seed directly into existing turf
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blue push lawn thatcher with bag
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Cordless Dethatcher

  • Features fold-down handle for easy transport and storage
  • This versatile dethatcher features multiple mounting settings
  • Heavy-duty design to withstand demanding commercial use or DIY projects
  • Dethatcher with collection bag
  • Uses: Ideal for removing thatch from your lawn to keep your grass and soil healthy
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tow behind thatcher attachment
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Tow-behind Dethatcher

  • Working width up to 40"
  • This versatile dethatcher features multiple mounting settings
  • Heavy-duty design to withstand demanding commercial use or DIY projects
  • Removes roots, leaves and other stray materials from the lawn
  • Uses: Ideal for removing large amounts of thatch from your yard to keep grass and soil healthy
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FAQs About Thatchers

Whether you're a homeowner wanting to spruce up your yard or a professional landscaper needing reliable equipment, our lawn thatchers are the ideal choice for your next project. Our selection caters to various lawn sizes and types, ensuring you'll find the perfect thatcher. With our lawn thatchers for rent, you will enjoy a lush, healthy lawn all year round.

Learn more about our thatchers in our FAQs section below.

When should you dethatch your lawn?

Dethatching your lawn should ideally coincide with peak growth times for your grass type. For cool-season grasses, this would be in late summer or early fall. For warm-season grasses, late spring or summer would be the best time. It's crucial to avoid dethatching when the grass is dormant to ensure healthy regrowth.

How often should I dethatch my lawn?

The timing for dethatching a yard can vary based on the type of grass and its growth cycle. Generally, it's recommended to dethatch once a year or every two years. However, if your lawn doesn't have significant thatch buildup, you could go longer without dethatching. It's always best to check the condition of your lawn and adjust accordingly.

How do lawn thatchers work?

Lawn thatchers, also known as dethatchers, use sharp, rotating tines to cut through the layer of thatch — the dead grass and plant material that builds up on your lawn over time. This process helps to break up and remove the thatch, allowing water, nutrients and air to reach the soil more efficiently, which promotes healthier and more vigorous grass growth. After the dethatching process, the removed thatch is typically raked up and removed from the lawn.