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Cutters for Rent

United Rentals carries an extensive range of brush and sod cutters. Whether you’re maintaining a small garden or embarking on a large landscaping project, our hand-held brush and sod cutter rentals provide the power and precision you need.

For our full list of cutters for rent, view the items below. For more information about cutters, visit our resource section.

Sod Cutter Pack Shot
Cat Class Code

Sod Cutter, 12-18 in., Gas Powered

  • Low center of gravity for use on slanted surfaces
  • User-friendly controls allow both straight cuts and curved cuts to be performed with ease
  • Heavy-duty for commercial use or large DIY projects
  • Gas-powered engine powers the unit over uneven terrain
  • Uses: Ideal for efficiently clearing out sections of grass for landscaping or added garden space
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green handheld sod cutter
Cat Class Code

Manual Sod Cutter, 12 in.

  • Kick-type sod cutter great for carving out straight sections of lawn
  • 12" blade allows for large pieces of sod to be removed in a short time
  • Heavy-duty for commercial use or large DIY projects
  • Smart kick system saves the user both time and labor
  • Uses: Ideal for efficiently clearing out sections of grass for landscaping or added garden space
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Green Billygoat 18 inch Walk-behind Sod Cutter
Cat Class Code

Walk-behind Sod Cutter, 5.5 HP, 18 in.

  • Up to 18" cutting width
  • Variable speed
  • Self-propelled drive system
  • Sod strips can be cut in lengths from 1 to 6 feet long
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Orange Hand-held Brush Cutter
Cat Class Code

Hand-held Brush Cutter, Gas Powered

  • Advanced multifunction control handle
  • Lightweight, portable and easy to operate
  • Ideal for working with tough weeds and brush in a variety of landscaping operations
  • Handle style allows for tight working radius
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Orange, black, white and silver STIHL Brush Cutter, Gas Powered
Cat Class Code

Brush Cutter, Gas Powered

  • Ideal for working with tight-radius areas
  • Remove tough weeds and brush
  • Simplified 3-step start procedure with built-in push-button stop switch 
  • Superior air filter system keeps engine clean and running smooth
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FAQs About Cutters

Hand-held brush cutters are easy to operate and offer unmatched versatility. Whether trimming grass along a fence line or cutting through dense undergrowth, these compact power tools can handle it all. They're designed for comfort and maneuverability, making them perfect for homeowners who value ease of use and efficiency.

For those larger landscaping projects, we offer a range of robust sod cutters for rent. These machines are ideal for removing grass to create new garden beds and pathways or to prepare for new turf. While hand-held brush cutters and sod cutters are essential tools for many landscaping projects, it's important to also consider proper techniques and safety tips when using these machines. Check out our Project Uptime article on How to Use a Brush Cutter: Techniques, Safety Tips and More to ensure you're using these tools safely and effectively.

Learn more about our cutters in our FAQ section below.

What kinds of sod cutters are there?

Several types of sod cutters are available, each designed for specific tasks and conditions. United Rentals has manual and gas-powered cutters available. Manual sod cutters, also known as the "kick-plow" type, are simple tools with long handles and a crossbar. They have a flat blade at ground level that you can adjust to cut sod at the desired depth, and they are most suitable for smaller residential projects. Gas-powered sod cutters are more powerful than manual cutters and can cover larger areas more efficiently. They are usually self-propelled and come in different widths to accommodate various project sizes.

Are sod cutters easy to use?

Yes, sod cutters are generally easy to use, but the ease of operation can depend on the type of sod cutter you use. All sod cutters will be easier to use if the soil is moist, as this softens the ground and makes the cutting process smoother. It's also recommended to mark out the area you plan to cut before you start to ensure a neat and even job. Safety gear, such as gloves and sturdy footwear, should be worn when operating any sod cutter.