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Rollers for Rent

United Rentals has the perfect solution to help you achieve a picture-perfect, even grass surface. Make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood with our top-quality lawn rollers for rent.

For our full list of rollers, view the items below. For more information about rollers, visit our resource section.

black lawn roller attachment
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Lawn Roller

  • Walk-behind lawn roller for lawn leveling
  • Filled with sand or water
  • Pull or push use
  • Drum roller rolls smoothly and easily
  • Uses: Ideal for gently leveling soil in yards, lawns and landscape for seeding, smoothing molehills, and more
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black towable lawn roller
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Towable Lawn Roller

  • Tow-behind roller is light enough to tow behind most mowers
  • Filled with sand or water
  • Durable and reliable construction
  • Smoothes out surfaces to combat wheel ruts or damage caused by burrowing animals
  • Uses: Ideal for laying sod, planting grass seed and evening out surfaces affected by tire tracks or burrowing animals
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FAQs About Rollers

Our rental lawn rollers are designed to flatten your lawn effectively, removing any bumps or depressions that might have formed over time. Whether you're laying new sod or seeding your yard, a lawn roller is essential for achieving a professional finish. We offer a range of lawn rollers in different sizes and weights to suit various lawn sizes and soil types. From smaller models perfect for residential yards to larger units designed for commercial landscapes, we have the perfect roller for your lawn care tasks.

Learn more about our rollers in our FAQs section below.

Are lawn rollers bad for the yard?

The impact of lawn rollers on your yard can be both beneficial and detrimental, depending on how and when they are used. For instance, after seeding a new lawn or laying sod, a light pass with a roller can help improve soil contact and moisture retention, aiding in establishing new grass. However, using a lawn roller too often or too heavily can cause soil compaction. This compaction can make it difficult for grass roots to penetrate the soil and access water and nutrients, leading to less healthy and robust lawns.

How heavy are lawn rollers?

The weight of lawn rollers can vary significantly depending on their size and whether they are filled with water or sand. Unfilled, the average lawn roller weighs around 40 pounds. However, a lawn roller can weigh up to 300 pounds when filled. It's important to choose the appropriate weight for your specific lawn care needs to avoid causing damage to the grass or soil.