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United Rentals carries an extensive lineup of used office trailers for sale. These trailers are excellent for providing a portable workspace, storage space or meeting area for you and your crew. Our mobile office trailers for sale are towable by truck using a built-in hitch. Depending on which model you choose, added features may include restrooms, break rooms, window bars and other quality of life features so you can find the ideal office trailer for sale. United Rentals used office trailers for sale may have accessories available for purchase including OSHA-compliant steps or ramps, railings and skirting. Please browse our complete inventory below to find the perfect trailer for your needs. 

FAQs About Office Trailers for Sale 

What size generator is needed to run an office trailer? 

  • While this will somewhat depend on exactly what accessories you have on your office trailer and how much power they consume, a 6- to 8-kilowatt generator should cover any and all of your power needs. For comparison, a generator meant to provide backup power to a home usually ranges from 7 to 25 kilowatts. More information on selecting generators can be found in our Project Uptime article, Choosing the Right Generator for the Job

Does an office trailer require a permit? 

  • If you are using your office trailer as a stand-alone structure with its own address, you will definitely require a permit. Depending on the city you find yourself in, your city’s permit office will require different information regarding structural details, location, ADA compliance and more. Before you consider buying a used office trailer, consult your local permit office for more detailed information. 

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