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United Rentals offers a large selection of used portable restroom trailers for sale. Comfort station trailers, also known as luxury trailers, are stand-alone restroom units that typically have separate entry and exit doors; sinks, mirrors or hand sanitizing stations; and come with two to fourteen individual stalls, as well as ADA-compliant options. These mobile restrooms are great for events like weddings and formal parties, corporate retreats, sporting events, construction sites and more. And because they contain septic tanks, your guests will feel more comfortable; waste is carried away rather than relying on chemical solutions to deodorize or break down waste. Our inventory of portable restroom trailers for sale includes manufacturers like Ameri-Can, Black Tie, Rich Specialty Trailers and more. United Rentals is ready to support you when you’re ready to buy a restroom trailer. See below for more information.

FAQs About Restroom Trailers for Sale

How much do restroom trailers cost?

  • Mobile restroom trailers for sale cost an average of $19,000 for standard models. However, the price of a restroom trailer depends on your particular needs. For more information on buying a restroom trailer, contact your United Rentals branch today.

How do restroom trailers work?

  • Unlike traditional porta potties, restroom trailers have running water and are flushable. They typically have three water tanks: fresh water, grey water and black water. Fresh water tanks are for sink and toilet use. Grey water tanks collect water after hand-washing, and black water tanks are for toilet waste. These trailers also run on electricity for running heating, A/C, pumps and electric lights.

How do you winterize a restroom trailer?

  • To winterize your restroom trailer it is important to drain all fresh water tanks and lines into the waste tank. This will help to prevent any water from freezing and causing damage. Here are five steps to help you do this:
  1. Start by draining the fresh water tank, and then, with the pump running, flush all toilets and run all sinks until no more water comes out.
  2. Next, fill the freshwater holding tank with enough RV antifreeze to run the pump. Once RV antifreeze is able to reach the pump, go to every sink and toilet in your restroom trailer and run them until you see antifreeze coming out of each toilet and sink. Now you can shut the pump off.
  3. Next, fill the city water connection up with antifreeze by hooking up a hand antifreeze pump up to the city water connection and placing the other end of the hose into a container of RV antifreeze. You will need a second person to help you at this point. One person will step on one of the toilet flush pedals while the other person pumps in the antifreeze. You should only need enough antifreeze to fill up the connection line.
  4. Make sure you remove any waterless urinal traps.
  5. Finally, evacuate the waste tank of any waste or water. Your restroom trailer is now winterized.