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Make proper hygiene a priority with the used portable sinks for sale at United Rentals. Hand washing stations are terrific for keeping people’s hands clean and are a valuable addition to construction jobsites, festivals, food service environments, medical and health facilities and more. Mobile wash stations are portable, which means they can be taken anywhere and moved around as easily as pushing a shopping cart. Plus, since they don’t require costly plumbing installation, you can keep that money in your budget. Buying portable sinks is also beneficial for maintaining compliance with your local health department as well as Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) health standards. Keep your crew and customers healthy and safe with portable hand wash stations for sale at United Rentals. See listings below for more information.

FAQs About Hand Wash Stations for Sale

Do hand wash stations require hot water?

  • No, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) and others have published studies that show hot water isn’t required for hand washing — typical warm or “hot” tap water is not warm enough to have any significant advantage over cold water in destroying microbes and bacteria.

Do portable hand washing sinks recycle water?

  • Yes, portable hand washing sinks recycle water. Water used to wash your hands is easily sanitized by using both a traditional filter and chlorine purification.

What materials are needed at a hand washing station?

  • Materials needed for a hand washing station include soap (bar or liquid), paper towels and a trash receptacle such as a bucket or bin.