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Barricades & Signs for Sale (197)

At United Rentals, we offer various high-quality barricades and signs for sale. Our products are designed with safety as a top priority, ensuring that people maintain a safe distance from construction and other work zones.

For our full list of barricades and signs for sale, view the items below. For more information about barricades and signs, visit our resource section.



FAQs About Barricades & Signs

United Rentals is the preferred choice for used road signs and concrete barriers for sale. We have a wide selection of digital road signs, including message boards and radar speed signs, to help improve the safety of your crew during highway construction and repairs. Message boards warn drivers of upcoming road improvement projects and traffic delays due to stalled vehicles or collisions. We also carry used concrete barriers for sale. Concrete or Jersey barriers divert traffic, prevent head-on collisions and protect road workers from traffic-related injuries. These barriers can be made from either steel-reinforced concrete for more permanent fixtures or hollow polyethylene for temporary and easy-to-move solutions. After being placed onsite, these plastic barriers are filled with water or sand, providing crash protection and stability. Check out our listings below for used concrete barriers and highway signs for sale. When you see one you’re interested in, request information for more details.

Learn more about our barricades and signs in our FAQ section below.

How big are Jersey barriers?

The standard Jersey barrier is 32 inches tall with a 13-inch side slope. Jersey barriers stop frontal impact and minimize the damage to the incoming car. Due to its shape or “slide,” redirection up the side of the barrier can prevent vehicles from rolling over.

How much do radar speed signs cost?

The price of radar speed signs varies based on hours of usage and age of the sign. The average price of used radar speed signs for sale is around $11,000 depending on the size, make and model of the sign.

What is a variable message sign and how does it work?

Variable message signs (VMS) are a form of one-way communication between traffic management centers and drivers or pedestrians. They are high-performance light-emitting diode (LED) signage that can display text and/or pictograms. VMS can be either temporary or permanently installed and show messages informing drivers of incidents, travel times, detours, special events and other helpful road conditions or travel information.