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At United Rentals we want to ensure that success is always within reach, which is why we offer used extension ladders for sale. We provide several extension ladder options at various heights so you can tailor and adjust ladder height for your specific job needs. Ideal for outdoor use, the ladders come in aluminum or fiberglass options to accommodate safety and comfort needs based on your work environment. Several of our extension ladders offer features like slip-resistant rungs, polypropylene roping, weather-resistant finishing and much more. Additionally, we want to support a safe working environment. Your team can complete our Ladder Safety training course by way of our United Academy education platform. You can’t go wrong if you trust United Rentals as your extension ladder provider.

FAQs About Extension Ladders for Sale

What sizes do extension ladders come in?

  • Extension ladders come in a few different height range configurations. We offer ladders ranging from 16 feet to 19 feet, 20 feet to 24 feet, 28 feet to 32 feet and 36 feet to 40 feet, with the first three configurations offered in aluminum and fiber glass.

How are extension ladders measured?

  • Extension ladders can easily be measured when stored by using a tape measure and noting how many sections the ladder has. Extension ladders typically have at least two sections that extend to their full length. Measure one section of the ladder and multiply the measurement by the number of sections of the ladder. For example, if an extension ladder has three sections, simply measure one section and multiply it by three.

Are triple extension ladders safe?

  • Yes, if the proper safety precautions are implemented. It is recommended that extension ladders are secured to a stable foundation using bungee cords or rope and properly braced through the body when extended to maximum height. It’s also recommended that for every 4 feet of height during ladder extension, the distance between the ladder base and structure is increased by 1 foot. Lastly, the top three ladder rungs should not be used to stand on.