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Chillers and Air Handlers for Sale (22)

United Rentals is your go-to marketplace when you need used air-cooled chillers and air systems for sale. With offerings from brands like Trane, Tranter and York, we offer top-tier equipment to provide jobsite solutions. Our air chillers and systems are equipped with features such as computer thermostat control, flexible hosing and easy adaptability for your work environment, functioning as stand-alone units or in systemized configurations. With units weighing up to 500 tons, our systems are capable of heating and cooling large industrial spaces, providing efficient climate control when you need it most. We also offer industrial air filtration systems for air purification and cleaning processes. Our selection of units is available at multiple price points to accommodate your budgetary needs. Look no further than United Rentals for used air chillers and air systems. We’ve got you covered.

FAQs About Air Chillers and Air Systems

Can you tell me how to buy a central air chiller system?

  • United Rentals has a full supply of used air chiller systems available to meet your needs. Simply visit our site, locate the product you’re interested in purchasing, and click the “Request Information.” A United Rentals specialist will reach out to you soon after you submit your request to answer questions and guide you through the purchasing process.

How does a commercial air chiller system work?

  • Commercial air chillers are equipped with a compressor that compresses a refrigerant. This results in an increase in the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant, causing it to become vapor. From there, the refrigerant vapor is exposed to hot air, causing it to condense and turn back into liquid. The expansion valve then shifts the liquid to low pressure, causing it to cool and produce cool air flow to the designated space.

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