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United Rentals' fleet of used bulldozers for sale is a perfect cost-efficient solution for earthmoving projects and construction worksites. Our dozers are excellent for road building, general construction, demolition and other similar applications. We carry bulldozers for sale from trusted brands like Case and John Deere, and most of our equipment features low-interest financing and our United Guard warranty. United Rentals also stocks an extensive lineup of earthmoving attachments for sale to outfit bulldozers as well as any of your other earthmoving equipment. If you're having trouble choosing the best bulldozer for your requirements, our experts welcome any questions regarding specifications, features, pricing and more. Browse our selection below and request a quote on a used bulldozer today.

FAQs About Bulldozers for Sale

What is a bulldozer?

  • A bulldozer is a powerful tractor-like machine that travels over tracks or wheels and features a wide blade on the front for pushing materials. They are excellent for construction, road building, demolition and various other applications. Some of the most popular dozer manufacturers are John Deere, Caterpillar and Komatsu.

How much can a bulldozer push?

  • In terms of weight, the average bulldozer can push anywhere from 7,000 to 12,000 pounds, depending on the blade's capability and the dozer itself. These numbers are subject to fluctuation depending on the model’s size and specifications. When it comes to clearing distance, most standard bulldozers can clear anywhere from three to five acres in a day, or around 90 cubic yards an hour, depending on their manufacturers’ specifications. Again, these answers are only approximations, and many factors come into play, such as the bulldozer model, the terrain, the materials being pushed and more. Check with one of our knowledgeable experts on which bulldozer is suitable for you.

Do bulldozers have a steering wheel?

  • No, bulldozers do not have steering wheels. Instead, operators steer dozers by slowing either the right or left track’s motion; the other track compensates and turns the machine left or right depending on which track has slowed down. Wheeled bulldozers also do not feature a steering wheel but have a four-wheel-drive system powered by a hydraulic, articulated steering system.
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