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At United Rentals, we carry a variety of rammers for sale, including Wacker Neuson rammers. Rammers are a great choice for compacting cohesive soil in smaller or narrower areas. If you’re looking for a rammer that can handle the most challenging jobs, then Wacker Neuson rammers are a perfect choice. With their powerful motor and ergonomic design, these rammers can take on any job. If you want to buy a rammer maintained and inspected by equipment experts, see our inventory below.

FAQs About Rammers for Sale

How do you transport rammers?

  • Rammers are typically transported in a work truck or on a trailer with other equipment. They should be firmly tied down on a vehicle, and some models may need to be stored and transported vertically to avoid damaging some components. See the operator's manual for best practices.

What is a jumping jack compactor?

  • A jumping jack compactor, also known as an impact rammer or jack rammer, is a walk-behind construction tool used to compact cohesive soils in smaller or narrower areas like trenches. Jumping jacks or rammers deliver consistent blows to the soil with a hydraulic "shoe" to compact the soil.

What is a trench rammer?

  • A trench rammer is a type of rammer specifically designed for compacting cohesive soils in trenches. It is often used by construction and utility crews to prepare the soil before pouring concrete or installing underground utilities. Trench rammers have a longer "shoe" than other rammers, which allows them to reach further down into the trench.

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