Plate Compactors for Sale (187)

Look no further than United Rentals for a plate compactor for sale. United Rentals carries a wide selection of plate compactors from top manufacturers like Wacker Neuson and Multiquip. Wacker Neuson plate compactors are designed to be rugged, durable and reliable. Plate compactors are ideal for compacting soil, asphalt and other surfaces for commercial work, landscaping and trenching. What sets United Rentals apart from our competitors is that our plate compactors are duly maintained and inspected by our equipment experts. Purchases are protected by the United Guard Warranty, and we have a team of equipment specialists to inspect, maintain and repair customers' equipment with Customer Equipment Solutions. If you’re looking for a used plate compactor for sale, browse our inventory below.

FAQs About Plate Compactors for Sale

How much does a plate compactor weigh?

  • Most plate compactors, including Wacker Neuson and Multiquip, weigh between 100 and 200 pounds, but some larger models can weigh up to 400 pounds. The weight of the plate compactor will depend on the model, manufacturer and size.

Can you use a plate compactor on grass?

  • Yes, you can use a plate compactor on grass, but it is not recommended. The plate compactor will damage the grass and may leave marks. If you must use a plate compactor on grass, be sure to use a padded plate or mat to protect the grass.

What size plate compactor do you need for laying pavers?

  • For laying pavers, it would be easiest to have a plate compactor the width of the area on which you want to lay the pavers. A plate of this size will allow you to compact the pavers in one pass. Some plate compactors can compact material as much as an inch in a single pass. See the manufacturer's manual for the impact force and recommended surface area.