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Other Load Banks for Rent

United Rentals carries reactive and capacitive load bank rentals as well as rack-mounted load banks for testing, maintaining and optimizing power sources. Our load banks are ideal for commercial and industrial power generation applications.

For our full list of load banks, view the items below. For more information about load banks, visit the resource section at the bottom of the page.

rack mount load bank
Cat Class Code

17-20 kW Rack Mounted Load Bank

  • 17-20 kW capacity
  • Designed for mounting on a 19" server rack
  • Lightweight 43-45 lb. design for easy handling
  • Variable airflow speed control
  • Uses: Ideal for simulating server loads for your data center
2000 kVAR Capacitive Load Bank
Cat Class Code

2,000 KVAR Capacitive Load Bank

  • 2,000 KVAR capacity
  • 480V
  • Rated for continuous operation
  • Three-phase
  • Uses: Ideal for adjusting power factors in industrial and commercial applications
Cat Class Code

3,000 kVAR Reactive Load Bank

  • 3,000 kVAR capacity
  • 3-phase, 415V
  • Rated for continuous operation
  • Features automatic load control
  • Uses: Ideal for testing the loads of your power sources up to 3,000 kVAR for commercial or industrial work

FAQs About Load Banks

Rent load banks to test turbines, generators and other equipment for commercial power generation applications. Our rack-mounted load banks are excellent for server testing, and reactive or capacitive load banks come in handy for power-system testing, commissioning and power factor correction. We carry trusted manufacturers like ASCO, Avtron, Crestchic and others to ensure you get the highest quality rental equipment available for your next project. Contact a United Rentals expert to ensure you find the right load bank for rent to help you get your job done.

Learn more about our load banks in our resource section below.

How do capacitive load banks differ from resistive or inductive load banks?

Unlike resistive loads, purely inductive loads have maximum, minimum and zero points that are not in phase with one another. Similar to an inductive load, a capacitive load generates both voltage and current waves.

How do I determine what size reactive load bank I need?

Choose a load bank with a capacity equal to or greater than the output of the power source you are testing. This allows you to test power sources at their maximum operating output.

Can I use multiple rack-mounted load banks simultaneously for large-scale testing?

Yes, rack-mounted load banks can be networked together for high-capacity equipment and monitored from one remote controller.