Pipe Plugs & Testing Equipment (30)

Whether you’re looking for a flow-thru plug (also known as a bypass plug) or a test plug to find a leak location or test-line acceptance, United Rentals has the rugged inflatable test plugs to help you get the job done.

FAQs about Pipe Plugs & Testing Equipment

What are pipe plugs?

  • Pipe plugs are temporary solutions to seal and hold pipes in sewer lines, water lines, and more to test leaks and water pressure.

What is the best pipe for water lines?

  • Although PEX, copper or PVC pipes can be used, it is recommended to use a galvanized metal pipe. Galvanized steel has a coating that provides a barrier to corrosion and extends the life of the pipe.

How do you seal a leaking pipe?

  • To stop leaking from your pipe, you must first turn off the water supply, then drain the water from the damaged pipe. After that, you have a few choices of actions to temporarily stop the leak before you repair the pipe. You can use a water pipe epoxy compound, pipe wraps, pipe clamps, rubber pipe connectors, plumbing repair tape or repair sleeves.


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