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Low Pressure Air Testing Equipment for Rent

United Rentals has low-pressure air testing equipment for rent, most commonly used to test for line acceptance or leaks in pipe joints and sewer line installation.

For our full list of low-pressure air testing equipment for rent, view the items below. For more information, visit our resource section.

Triple Hose
Cat Class Code

Triple Hose, 50 ft.

  • 50' long triple hose
  • Color-coded
  • Rugged construction
  • United Rentals will contact you to confirm requirements
  • Uses: Ideal for leak location testing and line acceptance procedures
Yellow and black Cherne air test control panel open
Cat Class Code

Air Test Control Panel

  • Easy to operate, low maintenance
  • Cable lines and winches available
  • Electric or battery operation
  • Contact United Rentals with your requirements
  • Uses: Ideal for testing pipes, shafts or confined spaces for filtration issues for compliance with safety standards

FAQs about Low Pressure Air Testing

As a leading rental provider, United Rentals carries low-pressure air testing equipment, used to test pipe joints and sewer installation. Drops in air pressure within a pipe system can lead to pipeline failure, which is why testing is critical for long-term pipeline success. Low-pressure air testing is a form of testing used for checking line acceptance, testing pipe joints and installing sewer lines. Our inventory features air test control panels, portable tools used to monitor compressor pressure and plug and test pressure. Additionally, we offer 50-ft. triple hoses, designed to be used in tandem with testing equipment. Trust United Rentals’ low-pressure air testing equipment for rent for all your line acceptance needs.

Learn more about low-pressure air testing equipment in our FAQ section below.

How do you perform an air pressure test on pipes?

Air pressure tests use pressurized air to quickly test for leaks in connected pipe systems. After capping or closing off all open ends, casing hoses or lines, connect an air compressor and your testing device to the pipe and monitor the gauge for changes. If the gauge changes after 15 minutes, you may have a leak.

Can you air test PVC?

For safety reasons, it is recommended that you never test PVC or plastic pipes with air, as it is dangerous and inaccurate. Instead, PVC pipe pressure should be tested with water. Need more help? Contact our trench safety experts for further guidance.