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Welder Accessories (109)

With a tool rental fleet that includes a full line of arc welders and welder accessories, we’re sure to have the parts you need to customize your welder to get the job done safely and efficiently. And with 24/7 customer support, we’re here to assist, day or night.

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Cat Class: 975-0345
Adaptor Tweco To Cam
Cat Class: 975-2300
Air Arc Gouger
Cat Class: 975-5130
Angle Head For Machine Torch
Cat Class: 975-5110
Cabtyre Cable 100'
Cat Class: 975-6445
Carbon Arc Cutting Torch
Cat Class: 975-5175
Cart For Welder Rectifier
Cat Class: 975-0125
Chassis Ground Cable 25'
Cat Class: 975-0127
Clamp Ground 4/0
Cat Class: 975-0126
Clamp Ground With 2-4' Whip
Cat Class: 975-7500
Cutter Plasma
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  • Cutting from 3/8" to 1.5"
  • Handheld or machine torch
  • 20 to 25-foot lead
  • Volts: 120-575 available
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Cat Class: 975-7525
Cutter Plasma 7/8" Capacity
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  • Cuts up to 7/8" mild steel
  • Handheld torch with 20-foot cable
  • Volts: 209/230
  • Portable unit
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Cat Class: 975-0850
Cutting Rig Complete
Cat Class: 975-6580
Cutting Torch Attachment
Cat Class: 975-6450
Cylinder Acetylene
Cat Class: 975-6530
Cylinder Acetylene #5
Cat Class: 975-6400
Cylinder Cart
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  • Holds two tanks on base plate
  • Open tool tray or closed tool box
  • Firewall between tanks available
  • Lifting eye available
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Cat Class: 975-6404
Cylinder Cart Oxygen Acetylene #4
Cat Class: 975-6540
Cylinder Oxygen 125 Cubic Feet
Cat Class: 975-6545
Cylinder Oxygen 250 Cubic Feet
Cat Class: 975-5145
Double Flow Meter For Argon Tank
Cat Class: 975-6585
Flint Striker
Cat Class: 975-7610
Flow Meter For Plasma Cutter
Cat Class: 975-2264
Foot Control For Tig Welding
Cat Class: 975-2268
Hand Remote For Miller Welder