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Digger Derricks for Rent

Trust United Rentals with your next digger derrick truck rental, a single piece of equipment with multiple impressive applications. Digger derricks, also known as auger cranes, are crane-mounted trucks with an attached boom and auger that is designed to both drill and lift, saving time and money. Often used in construction, power distribution and forestry, these diggers are a simple solution to traditionally complex jobs. Whether you’re looking to mine materials, remove poles or trim tree branches, digger derricks can perform a large number of tasks. These digger rentals offer your worksite a safe, controlled and versatile option, allowing for one piece of machinery to perform multiple jobs. Explore top brands like Terex, and find your next digger rental from United Rentals.

FAQs About Digger Derricks

What does a digger derrick truck do?

  • A digger derrick is a hydraulically powered piece of equipment that consists of a truck and an attached boom and auger. This allows the truck to both drill and move/lift machinery with one piece of equipment.

Why is it called a digger derrick?

  • A derrick is the metal frame where the working equipment is attached. Derrick attachment applications include oil harvesting and drilling. Digger derricks specifically are designed for drilling and lifting applications.

How deep can a digger derrick go?

  • This varies based on the digger, but the average radius is 42 inches with a depth of 10 feet.
Truck Digger Derrick 2WD
Cat Class Code

Digger Derrick Truck, 47 ft., 2WD

  • Maximum sheave height is 47.4'
  • Maximum horizontal reach is 37.5'
  • Lifting capacity of 11,100 lbs. at 10'
  • Maximum digging radius of 26'
  • Uses: Ideal for digging holes and setting poles as well as light material handling tasks like backfilling
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Truck icon with white background
Cat Class Code

Mini Digger Derrick, 42 ft., Tracked, Diesel Powered

  • Maximum sheave height is 42'
  • Lifting capacity of 5,500 lbs. with overload protection
  • 3,000 lb. carrying capacity
  • Insulated to 46kV category C
  • Uses: Ideal for digging holes and setting poles as well as light material handling tasks like backfilling
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