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Guard Rail for Rent

United Rentals carries a wide variety of safety guardrails for rent. A safe and effective way to protect the perimeter of your excavation, our guardrails are easy to install to the wall of your shoring system quickly. Simply secure the portable guardrail using screw clamps wherever a rail is necessary and give your workers and project visitors peace of mind. Ensure that your project is up to code by installing a guardrail on any steps, roofs, landings or platforms. Avoid potential accidents and create an atmosphere that prioritizes safety on your jobsite. Interested in temporary safety railing rentals? Reach out to your local United Rentals to configure a protective trench safety system today and browse our inventory below.

FAQs About Guardrails

What are guardrails used for?

  • When workers are exposed to vertical drops and dangerous excavation projects, installing a guardrail around the hazard helps protect your employees and the worksite. OSHA requires that fall protection systems be installed when the vertical drops are 6 feet or greater in depth.

How high should guardrails be?

  • The topmost height of rails, or equivalent guardrail system members, must be between 39 and 45 inches above the walking/working level, according to OSHA.

What is the difference between a guardrail and a handrail?

  • A handrail is used for the type of support you would see on a walkway or staircase. A guardrail is used to prevent falling from an elevated surface like a balcony or at the entrance of a deep pit or excavation site.
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