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Bedding / Rock Boxes for Rent

United Rentals carries bedding box rentals, made to hold rocks, dirt and other construction site materials. If you need an open container for your jobsite, United Rentals is here with bedding box options to meet your needs.

For our full list of bedding/rock boxes for rent, view the items below. For more information, visit our resource section.

Yellow Speedshore 5 yard bedding box
Cat Class Code

Bedding Box, 5 yd.

  • Convenient tapered ends
  • Standard duty
  • Top frame with inner hardwood core
  • Hardened steel construction
  • Uses: Ideal for standard duty excavating or material transport on jobsites
Yellow Speedshore Bedding Box
Cat Class Code

Bedding Box, 12 yd.

  • Convenient tapered ends
  • Low 44" profile allows fill from either end or side
  • Top frame with inner hardwood core
  • Hardened steel construction
  • Uses: Ideal for standard duty excavating or material transport on jobsites

FAQs about bedding / rock boxes

United Rentals is a leading supplier of reliable rental equipment, including bedding box containers for rent. Also known as rock boxes, our inventory of bedding boxes are designed with tapered ends to give your excavator operators better control and improve the process of removing or placing various site materials. Our bedding box sizes start at 5 yards and feature low profiles for easy filling from either side and top frames with inner hardwood cores. These boxes are durably constructed to withstand the demands of rigorous construction environments and industrial spaces. This 12-yard bedding box is ideal for large jobsites and is capable of holding substantial quantities of worksite material, like gravel, soil, rock and more.

Learn more about bedding or rock boxes in our FAQ section below.

What is a bedding box?

Bedding boxes are built to hold various lightweight to heavy-duty materials on construction worksites. By keeping construction sites clean and clear of debris, you eliminate obstacles that could cause accidents. Operators can fill boxes with materials that can be stored and later used to fill trench areas. These boxes offer enough opening for a clean sweep by an excavator bucket.

What types of material do bedding boxes hold?

Bedding/rock boxes can be filled with gravel, stone, rocks, dirt and more.

These boxes can hold any worksite waste or materials, as well as whatever you need to keep your site clean and safe. Reach out to your United Rentals for trench safety support to better understand the best uses for bedding boxes and help determine which may be best for your jobsite.

How do I know which box size to use?

The box size you need depends on the size of your excavation site and how much material you need to hold. 5-yard boxes are best for small jobs, while the 12-yard boxes are ideal for medium to larger jobsites. We encourage you to consult with your site manager to decide on the best option for your site.