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Fences for Rent

Keep your site secure with United Rentals’ selection of temporary fencing for rent. Our temporary fences have a variety of applications including disaster relief, preventing equipment theft and keeping unauthorized personnel off your site. 

For our full list of fences, view the items below. For more information about temporary fencing,visit our resource section.

Temporary Fence with Privacy Screen product image with white background
Cat Class Code

6 ft. Construction Fence Privacy Windscreen

  • 6' high, cut to any length
  • Highly durable colored fabric
  • Available in multiple colors with customizable features
  • Provides dust protection and privacy while maintaining a clean, professional appearance
  • Contact your United Rentals representative today for information
Temporary Fence Panels
Cat Class Code

6 ft. by 12 ft. Temporary Fence Panels

  • 6 ft. by 12 ft. freestanding panels
  • Erected with tube or peg stands
  • Galvanized, 11.5-gauge steel
  • Extra sandbags or driven posts available for additional support
  • Contact your United Rentals representative today for information
Pedestrian Barriers ROS product illustration with white background
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8 ft. Interlocking Steel Barricade

  • 4 ft. by 8 ft. steel barricades
  • Free-standing with flat T-stands to minimize any tripping hazard
  • Use for crowd control or to guide pedestrian traffic
  • Secured with interlocking hook and sleeve
  • Contact your United Rentals representative today for information

FAQs About Fences

Ensure the safety and security of your worksite and crew with United Rentals' temporary fencing options, featuring inventory ranging from privacy windscreens to interlocking steel barricades. Our temporary fencing is commonly utilized for managing traffic and crowds, securing construction sites or organizing outdoor events to keep your crew safe. Available for both short-term and long-term use, these temporary fences are portable and can be easily relocated or adjusted as needed, while also being adaptable to fit site requirements. These 6-by-12-foot fence panels have anti-climb features, designed to keep unwanted visitors out. Trust United Rentals’ temporary fencing to help you get the job done. To learn what temporary fencing solution is right for your next site, check out our Project Uptime article, 7 Tips for Choosing and Customizing Temporary Fencing. Learn more about temporary fencing in our FAQ section below. .

Do you need a permit for a temporary fence?

Oftentimes, a permit is required when erecting a temporary fence, especially on public areas or construction sites. This is done to ensure that your fence is safe and in compliance with local restrictions, not creating any obstacles or hazards. Before choosing a temporary fence, it is important to check local restrictions and obtain the necessary permits.

How long do temporary fences last?

Temporary fencing is designed for both short-term and long-term use, capable of lasting years. Temporary and mobile fencing is sturdy and durably constructed, ideal for those who require frequent relocation of their fencing.

How do you support a temporary fence?

Temporary fencing can be installed using a variety of methods, like concrete anchors, steel stakes or other types of supports to accommodate the specific needs of your site. Need more help? Contact one of our equipment experts for more assistance.