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Temporary Fence for Rent

United Rentals offers several different temporary fence rental options for our customers to choose from, including fence panels, wind screens, bicycle rack barricades and more.

For our full list of one-person lifts, view the items below. For more information about man lifts, visit our resource section.

fence panels
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Temporary Fencing / Fence Panels

  • 6 ft. by 12 ft. freestanding panels
  • Erected with peg stands
  • Galvanized, 11.5 gauge
  • Option for sandbags or driven posts for additional support
  • Contact your United Rentals representative today for information
Temporary Fence with Privacy Screen product image with white background
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Privacy / Wind Screens

  • 6-ft high, cut to any length
  • Highly-durable colored fabric
  • Available in multiple colors and is customizable
  • Provides a clean and professional look while providing dust protection and privacy
  • Contact your United Rentals representative today for information
Pedestrian Barriers ROS product illustration with white background
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Bicycle Rack Barricade / Barriers

  • Free-standing, 4 x 8 steel barricades
  • Flat t-stands to minimize any tripping hazard
  • Crowd control or use to guide pedestrian traffic
  • Secured with interlocking hook and sleeve
  • Contact your United Rentals representative today for information

FAQs About Temporary Fencing

Rent a fence for privacy, as a barrier to direct pedestrians or as a windscreen for your jobsite or event. We also offer construction fencing with sandbags or driven posts for additional support when needed. Professional delivery and installation are included with all of our portable fencing options. Browse our FAQ section below for more information on our fencing rental options.

How much does it cost to rent temporary fencing?

Fence rentals are generally priced by the linear foot, so the cost of renting your temporary fencing depends on the scale of the area you need covered. Request a quote for a specific estimate on your portable fence rental costs.

Are permits or approvals required for installing temporary fencing?

Several factors determine whether you will need a permit to install temporary fencing, such as the height of the fencing, whether the area is densely populated and your local regulations. Your local United Rentals representative should be able to help you understand your permit requirements prior to installing any fencing.

When is construction fencing required?

Fencing and project information signs are required on construction sites that meet any of the following criteria: new residential or commercial structure, demolition of at least 10% of an existing structure or any additions greater than 600 square feet.