Hand Wash Stations for Rent

United Rentals’ hand washing station rental options provide a simple and effective way to add a portable sink to your event or jobsite. All units come with paper towels and soap, plus the hands-free foot pumps make handwashing simple and sanitary for users. We even offer porta potties with built-in sinks making restroom visits a one-stop trip during outdoor events or on jobsites. Additionally, we can provide  portable hand sanitizer stands should you need them. These hand sani stand stations are ideal for hand cleaning when sinks, hand soap and paper towels are unavailable. Compact and lightweight, these sani stands are convenient for spaces of any size and easy to transport from one location to another. When you need to maintain industry cleaning standards, trust United Rentals to provide the equipment to keep you in code.

FAQs About Hand Wash Stations

What is a portable sink?

  • Portable sinks are mobile hand washing stations with temperature-controlled running water, ideal for use in areas without access to plumbing or running water. United Rentals offers individual portable sink rentals as well as sink pods that feature four hand wash stations for larger groups.

How many hand wash stations are required?

  • The recommended ratio is one hand washing station for every twenty employees or guests. Depending on your project or event site, you may want to arrange for more than this. Please reach out to a United Rentals representative for assistance selecting the right number of portable hand washing station rentals for your needs.

How do portable hand washing stations work?

  • Hand washing stations typically have two water tanks built into the unit, one for wastewater and one for freshwater. The water tanks can be easily disconnected when it’s time to refill the freshwater or empty the wastewater. They are either powered by a standard electrical outlet or by a battery or propane tank. Warm water sinks also feature an electric water heater and pump within the unit.
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Portable Hand Wash Station

  • Free-standing and portable for your convenience
  • Keep your crew and site germ-free
  • Self-contained and ready to go, just need water
  • Each hand-washing station can handle hundreds of washes
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Portable Hand Sanitizer Stand

  • Free-standing and portable for your convenience
  • Keep your crew and site germ-free
  • Self-contained and ready to go, no need for water or towel
  • Each hand sanitizer station can handle hundreds of washes
  • Uses: Ideal for hands-free cleaning or sanitization
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Portable Sanitation Services
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Sink Pods, 4 Station

  • 4 hand wash stations with hot water, paper towels and soap dispensers
  • Capable of running off 110V, solar power or propane
  • Water supplied onboard or directly via standard garden hose
  • Wastewater is self contained
  • Uses: Ideal for jobsites where sanitation areas are necessary and not readily available
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Safety Eyewash Station

  • Easily portable
  • Drench hose included
  • No plumbing connection required
  • Pressurized stream provides increased flushing power
  • Uses: Ideal for labs, chemical plants, manufacturing plants, construction sites and other environments where harmful materials may get into workers' eyes
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