Pipecutting (25)

Pipecutters are typically the fastest and most convenient way of getting a clean cut on a pipe. There are many types and sizes of pipe cutters including power and manual cutters. Thinner pipes can be cut by using the plastic tubing cutters. For thicker pipes, cutters with adjustable jaw grips work best and usually use repeated rotation and tightening to cut all the way through.

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Cat Class: 500-2006
Milling Gun Mongoose 5/8"-3"
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  • Patented, self-centering, push-pull clamp and release mechanism has permanently attached wrenches
  • Only 2-1/4" wide
  • Rugged with torque-free operation
  • Powerful pneumatic motor needs only 25 cfm air flow
  • Produces a thick chip without cutting oils
  • EscoLock™ blade locking system
  • Easy-to-change mandrels
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Cat Class: 500-2005
Milling Gun Wart Hog 3/4"-4 1/2"
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  • Mounts rigidly to produce a clean, continuous chip
  • Requires no cutting lubricant
  • Simultaneously bevels, faces, and bores
  • Lightweight and requires no special training
  • Efficient chatter-free cutter blade locking design
  • Low maintenance, compact, air-powered tool
  • Torque-free operation prevents operator fatigue
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Cat Class: 500-1246
Pipe Cutter 1"-2"
Cat Class: 500-1230
Pipe Cutter Soil 6"
Cat Class: 500-2035
Reamer Pipe
Cat Class: 500-2028
Reamer Pipe 1/4"-2"

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