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United Rentals offers a full line of crane rentals, including crane trucks, carry deck cranes and walk behind cranes. Mobile truck cranes have a lift mounted on a standard production chassis for highway access and typically offer dual operator control stations. The versatility of the carry deck crane — a smaller version of a crane truck — makes it ideal for lifting material that requires a low, compact profile and the ability to clear overhead obstacles and maneuver in tight spaces. Walk behind cranes are exactly that — lifts that you walk behind to operate. They offer the operator maximum maneuverability and control.



How much does it cost to rent a crane truck?

  • The cost to rent a crane truck or boom truck varies depending on size of the crane, location and duration of the rental. To receive a quote, simply choose the equipment you need and enter your location.

What are gantry cranes used for?

  • A gantry crane is an overhead crane bridged between two legs that move on wheels or sits along a track or rail system. Full gantry cranes are used in shipyards or ports and terminals to move ship parts or containers weighing hundreds of tons. United Rentals offers portable gantry cranes that can lift up to 725 lb. and are used for on-location construction, warehouse or HVAC applications. Portable gantry cranes can lift and hold heavy machinery in place while it's being worked on or assembled.

What is a truck-mounted crane used for?

  • A mobile truck crane can assist with installing signs, rooftop air conditioners, building trusses or lifting material to the next level of a building project. For contractors or project managers with several jobsites, a highway-legal truck crane can be used at multiple sites to save money.



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Cat Class: 170-3280

Carry Deck Crane, 8.5-9 Tons

  • Fully hydraulic controls for smooth, precise operation
  • Tight turning radius provides greater jobsite maneuverability
  • Easy to operate
  • Maximum load 9 tons
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Cat Class: 170-9009

Crane Hook Attachment for Forklift

  • Lift capacity up to 22,000 lbs.
  • Heavy-duty, rugged and durable
  • Available for straight-mast and extendable-reach forklifts
  • Lift heavy loads easily and securely
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