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United Rentals offers both single drum and double drum ride-on vibratory rollers. Single drum vibratory rollers handle large, demanding jobs. They are ideal for road construction, site preparation and embankment compaction. When equipped with a smooth drum, these rollers compact granular soil such as gravel or sand. When equipped with a padfoot drum — also known as a sheepsfoot — they compact cohesive soil such as clay or silt. Both types of drum rollers offer excellent gradeability and traction when working on loose soils in thick lifts. Double drum vibratory rollers are great for compacting asphalt and subbases on small-to-medium-sized jobs. They are ideal for parking lots, driveways, road repairs and other patchworks. The hydrostatic drive gives you smooth, even acceleration and works to prevent asphalt scarring.



When should I use a double drum roller and when should I use a single drum roller?

  • There are pros and cons for using a single drum roller and a double drum roller. It all depends on the site and the soil you are working with. Single drum rollers have wheels in back so they have traction, and they can handle gradeability and narrow turns. Double drum rollers have no wheels so they cannot handle any obstructions in the road, and they have no traction.

When do I use water in a compactor roller?

  • Water can be used multiple ways in the compaction process. Drum rollers may contain water tanks inside the drum to add more weight to the machine, increasing the amount of compaction force. Some ride-on roller models contain a water tank to spray water on the soil to add moisture for aiding compaction. Lastly, operators can spray down the drums of a roller, so that hot asphalt does not stick to the equipment.

What is a sheepsfoot used for?

  • United Rentals carries a variety of padfoot rollers for cohesive soil compaction. Padfoot rollers achieve the same results as sheepsfoot rollers but complete the work faster and more efficiently. Both padfoot and sheepsfoot rollers have lugs or “feet” attached to the drums that are best suited for cohesive soils such as silt and clay. As the drum moves across the work area, the feet enter the soil and compact it. Padfoot rollers have higher production capacity compared to sheepsfoot ones. They break up large clumps of clay or silt and spread the soil across the area. After compaction, you will have uniform and level soil.



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Cat Class: 160-2660

Ride-on Double Smooth-drum Vibratory Roller, Diesel-powered, 3-7.2 Ton, 35-48 in.

  • Operator stations offer excellent visibility and vibration-cushioned seats
  • Offset drum ability that will minimize curb hopping and help erase roller marks
  • Dual-drum drive and articulated steering for easy maneuverability
  • Units available provide between 3 ton and 7.2 tons of compaction force
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