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Fluid Solutions

Upstream Oil & Gas

Drilling mud management and advanced produced water filtration

Whether it's drilling, completions or sustainable water cycle management, United Rentals has the expertise and experience to provide single-source systems that minimize downtime. Our goal—time and cost savings measurable in your bottom line.

As the largest provider of fluid solutions in North America, we can help if you need a single Gas Buster Tank or a complete produced water filtration system.

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Tanks and Boxes

From Frac Tanks to Modular Tanks, engineered containment solutions for Oil & Gas


Success Story

Produced and flowback water filtration and re-circulation

United Rentals stepped in when an independent national oil & gas producer needed a complete solution for produced and flowback water containment and continuous cleanup of water and sludge before reintroduction or re-use in future fracking activities.  


United Rentals’ Fluid Solutions group’s decades of water treatment experience, full technical support and advanced filtration technology saved the customer time, money and ensured compliance with state environmental regulations. The complete fluid solution is detailed below. 


United Rentals Technical Service Engineers configured and installed a comprehensive water treatment system that pumped sludge from a wastewater plant into a local impoundment on the well site. Then the sludge was pumped from the small impoundment to an Upright Cone Bottom Tank (UCB), and then transferred to a centrifuge where it was separated into a half-round roll-off box. The sludge was stored in the roll-off box while the water was pumped into an equalization tank. Then the water was pumped into an EC-250 trailer for electrocoagulation treatment. 

From the trailer, it was transported to a Poly Defoam Flocculation Tank and then on to an Open Top Weir Tank with two drop-in clarifiers to remove solid particulate. The clear, clean water then flowed into a Mini Frac Tank, which acted as a post treatment container. The water was first pumped through a 3-pod sand filter and then a bag filter. Finally, the clean water was transferred into a large impoundment for re-use in fracking operations.  


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