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Climate Solutions - Heater in restaurant
Climate Solutions

Facilities Maintenance

Same-Day Climate Solutions for Facilities Maintenance

When it comes to facility maintenance and management, we know climate emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it's HVAC air conditioning for a retail space or accounting business, temporary heat for a restaurant or convenience store, or air scrubbers for a pet store or pharmacy, United Rentals Climate Solutions can provide heating and air conditioning services. Our complete line of portable AC equipment (from 1 to 12 tons), temporary heating, evaporative coolers, dehumidifiers and air scrubbers is designed for rapid deployment and maintained for peak dependability. We’ll deliver sensible, efficient commercial building HVAC systems to meet your exact need, including temporary cooling and industrial heating systems.

Available 24/7, our experienced specialists can provide the perfect solution for your most complex climate challenge. Our experts consider every facet of your facility to create a tailored submittal that leaves nothing to chance. When the need is urgent, our experts will expedite your order to meet the delivery and installation timelines.

Spot cooler inside store

Emergency Climate Comfort

Portable air conditioners, aka Spot Coolers, evaporative coolers and heaters come in various capacities, voltages, and configurations which allows for providing the correct equipment for every situation. Typical units range from 1-ton to 5-ton in cooling capacity with larger units up to 12-tons available. United Rentals Climate Solutions also carries a full line of temporary heat pump and combo units as well.

Heat Pumps and Combo AC/Electric Heat

Air Quality and Dehumidification


Cooling a Hot Pizza Kitchen

A project manager from a facilities maintenance company needed to provide a consistent temporary cooling solution for a large pizza takeout and delivery franchise. Traditional temporary air-cooled spot coolers were not ideal due to the limited ability to vent hot air out of the kitchen space. A Facilities Maintenance Account Coordinator from the United Rentals Climate Solution group had the perfect solution. It was suggested to use water-cooled spot coolers. The water-cooled spot coolers do not require venting hot air, but rather only need a water source for heat removal from the unit. With ready access to multiple water sources in the kitchen areas of the pizza restaurants, installation was quick, efficient and easily repeatable across multiple locations.

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